Current & Ongoing Projects


Southwest Gothic Podcast

Presently, the project that keeps me on a schedule and on my toes is a biweekly narrative podcast in which I tell strange and spooky tales from the American Southwest. Besides being a delight to research, write, and produce, this project is refining my skills in keeping the storytelling tight (~5.5k words per episode), and in hitting that narrative sweet spot between campfire tales and coffeehouse chats on cultural studies.

Image by The Rïpröck.

Image by The Rïpröck.

Denver Horror Collective

This active community of creatives is a haven for all things horror, guaranteed to tickle your cerebral functions as well as your primitive fear response. We publish a newsletter to spark conversation and showcase new works, including my feature Local Haunts. Other efforts to entertain while supporting each other’s creative ventures include critique and discussion groups, an upcoming anthology, as well as regular readings and other events.

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Reviews & Recommendations

I write reviews of new and forthcoming works, as well as recommendations of older publications. Typically, these are in the horror, dark fiction, and literary fiction realms.